Gourmet Center of Asian Fusion Cuisine on the Bosphorus

BANYAN, like the tree it is named after, gets its power from many many roots that touch different cultures.
Banyan established in 2002 as the first Asian fusion restaurant of Turkey that blends Thai spices with world cuisine, offering inspiring unique blends of tastes like famous ‘Banyan Orange Beef’ that combines 21 different spices.
Its slogan ‘food for the soul’ refers to philosophy about food ; a meal can stimulate your five senses and feed your soul. The eating experience at Banyan aims to fulfil its slogan by providing a unique setting on a historical building with a breath taking view of the famous Bosphorus.
The love, passion and work behind the scenes of Banyan has been noticed and appreciated by its customers and industry professionals. The restaurant has received more than 10 different rewards such as ‘The Best Ethnic Restaurant' by Time - Out, ‘Best Fusion Restaurants’ by National Gourmet Jury, ‘Rewards of Excellence’ by Trip Advisor (top 10% in global customer ratings).

in Banyan International Arena

Banyan, who has achieved to be in the 10% slice by getting the best customer reviews worldwide from Trip Advisor since 2013, has been earning the "Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence" for years. Thus, international awards are added to 9 different awards such as Time-Out 'Best Ethnic Restaurant, Tusid' Silver Current Menu ', Hürriyet Jury' Best 3rd Fusion Cuisine ', Gecce' Best Asian Cuisine 'and' The Healthiest Menu '.

Special presentations for Banyan

There are about 50 different flavors in the Banyan menu. Different dishes are all prepared with a superior taste. The "Banyan Plate" plate in the starters and the "satays" served in the Balinese style mini charcoal barbecue are highly appreciated both for their presentation and taste. Among the classic flavors, the pleasant aroma of "Orange Beef" orange peels is in perfect harmony with galangal and ginger. Duck leg confi cooked in 6 hours over low heat, marinated steak marinated in sake, Sichuan Peppersteak in cognac and coconut sauce, curry shrimp in cream, Thai style sea bream in wok are among the other classic flavors.


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